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 “Universal Tree”, a symbol of the centre of the universe, a primordial archetype that generates networks (ramifications) and which can be associated with the European construction that currently takes place. All of this with harmony, a beneficial wrapping, but also as cultural protection against aggression coming from constant and conducted ignorance of spiritual stability, and otherwise without harmony how can we resist, survive and create? It is the essence of the spiritual stability!


About my imaginary friends!

For those of us who did not realize that the urban universe had kidnapped a part of their soul,  there are the artists, one of them are me- born in December 1976. Graduate of the School of Fine Arts from Cluj-Napoca, Romania . For further information please sign in to my social pages.

My imaginary friends live for people and are paid by God.They admire you silently but sometimes they play and then become white, blue, yellow or red...

What kind of tree are you? Big or small? A fruit tree or a tree with a hidden fruit?!


Romania - Bucharest